William Koone

September 7, 2021- October 23, 2021


William Koone Photographs is on view beginning September 7th, 2021, with an artist reception from 5-7pm at 373 Broadway, B19, New York City.

Photography acts as an aftereffect and precursor in this exhibition. These works are not photographs, they are sculptures concerned with the periphery tools that enable the image by way of production support. These forms can be considered material barriers to a final photographic product of which they have no further visual association with. Their use is entirely intermediary.

Photography experienced a dominance shift as the medium became entrenched in everyday life at a speed previously unknown at any other time in modern history. This fanatical uptick is not about the process itself as much as it is about the cultural capital embedded in the results of the projected image. Far more powerful than its visibility as a primary art form is photography’s manipulation of reality.

If photography is a lie (on its surface), should we reject an unveiling of its mechanisms? Is the incidental aesthetic language of these objects simplified as utility while the finished produced image is considered "magic"? Or, has the conversation inverted with the proliferation of beauty filters, face-swapping apps, and film simulations? Is it now an expectation, or even an obsession, with how to create an illusion that reverses the trance of reality?

In 'Photographs' stage trussing is dismantled on the floor, incompatible with the point of its existence and constructed of pure copper, a high demand resource. Gel filters, used to control lighting, hang lifeless from the wall compromised by a unique detail burnt into the polyester depicting a window. Here, the opposite result of the filter's original intent presents a suspension in desire by replacing a potential future narrative with the tools not yet employed to create it. The narrative that is provided works through the commodification of looking, which is dependent on abundance, disbelief, and speed (variation).

William Koone lives and works in Oakland, Calfornia. This is his first exhibition in New York.