Brioche Morisot
Justine Rivas
On view: November 11 - December 17, 2022


as she drove she remembered one of the first times she had been deeply stirred, standing before Manet's asparagus. It was the simplicity of his expression, the lightness of his touch, the muteness of colors. How minor a thing an asparagus is. And his name, like a beautiful leaf in the corner. It was the perfect balance between carefulness and carelessness and the delicate and unassuming heart he put into every line. She knew then that she would always be drawn to his paintings in any museum in the world. Mira knew that humans made art because we were made in God's image which doesn't mean we look like God, it means we like doing the same thing God likes. Both making life and making art are pouring spirit into form.

(Sheila Heti, Pure Color)

Justine Rivas (b. 1991) lives and works in Los Angeles. Solo exhibitions include The Valley (New Mexico),  Et al. (San Francisco), Phaedra Bathes in Fabuloso with Et al. at Vacation (New York) and Memory Foam at Alter Space (San Francisco). Select group exhibitions include Mission Comics, Guerrero Gallery, Book and Job, and Ladybug House, all in San Francisco, CA. In 2018 she was a participant in Summer Literary Seminar in Tbilisi, Georgia and she received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2014 and her MFA from UCLA in 2022.

Images by Michael Popp